This Policy at the field of personal data processing and confidentiality of personal information (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) applies to all information that can be collected by JSC Kvartssamotsvit (hereinafter referred to as the Company) using cookies (cookies) in the user's browser or mobile device during operation with the company website.


Cookies - are small text files which save information directly on the user's computer, his mobile phone or other device. By means of cookies the Web server can save, for example, benefits and settings on the user's computer, his mobile phone or other device(s), which is automatically updated at the subsequent visits. In other words, files cookies intended to make the use of the Website more convenient, for example, there is no need for the users to login again during the next visit. The company uses both permanent, and session cookies.


Permanent cookies remain on the hard drive of the computer or the device (that, as a rule, depends on time of preserving of cookies established by default). Permanent cookies include also "cookies of the third parties" placed by foreign websites. Session cookies are automatically removed when closing the window of the browser.


The company can permit the third parties, such as suppliers of advertising and/or analytical services, to collect information, using cookies directly on pages of the website or in mobile application for collection the information as on the Website, for the purpose of optimization your experience in quality of the user, and for the purpose of demonstration of advertising out of this Website. Data which saved is the subject of protection in the compliance to the operating privacy policy of these third parties.


Depending on the purposes for which cookies are used they are usually divided into the following categories:

  • Obligatory cookies allow using independently the Website and its main functions. They are usually set in response to your actions, for example, logging into an account on the site.
  • Functional cookies are used to remember you when you re-visit the site and to provide an improved personal service. For example, Site may require you to complete the information, or remember information about your choice, for example, language or location. These cookies collect information anonymously and cannot track your visits to other websites.
  • Analytical and operational cookies allow saving information on how you use the Website and how many times you come on it. For example, the Company saves information on pages you use most often and receive the error message. It allows to improve the work of the Website, including, to provide quick access to the important information interesting for you. These cookies are used only for the improvement of the work quality of the Website.
  • Target or advertising cookies are created to remember the number of visits on the website and also the list of pages which you open, also links which you follow. These cookies are created in order that only you obtain as a relevant one and info that will correspond to your tastes. They serve only to limit numbers of demonstrations to your advertisements and also help to estimate efficiency of advertising campaigns. Also, we can transfer this information to the third parties (for example, to advertisers) for the same purposes.


You can refuse preserving of cookies files on your device at any time.