Quarts Samocveti took part in the Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show being held from 26 January to 7 February 2018 in Tucson (USA).

This year the Company has presented own collection of the natural heliodor, as well as unique polychromatic topaz and quartz crystals extracted in the Volyn deposit. In consideration of the full range of services provided by the Company, i.e. from extraction to processing, the natural gemstones were exhibited, including of polychromatic, blue and sherry topazes and heliodors with both exclusive and fantasy cuts, as well as own collection of pieces of jewelry with natural and synthetic gemstones.

The Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show is considered to be one of the most well known exhibitions worldwide. It has been maintaining its status of the leading jewelry and mineral show in Tucson just for over 35 years and is still growing to the date. Due to the said status, the collectible natural crystal and gemstone items with sophisticated cuts, as well as designer jewellery from over 25 world countries are exhibited therein.

For your information:

Quarts Samocveti has been engaged in field geological exploration in the Volyn deposit since 1931. The company also makes the premium class gem inserts with either manual or automatic cuts, as well as the exclusive customized cut designs.