The company Volyn Gems participated in the International mineralogical exhibition Munich Show, Munich, Germany.

13 Oct 2022

Dear friends,

JSC "Kvartssamotsvit”,(Volyn Gems tm) returned from the largest Europ...

Dear friends,

JSC "Kvartssamotsvit”,(Volyn Gems tm) returned from the largest European mineral exhibition - The Munich Show, which was held from September 30 - October 2 in the Munich Exhibition Center( Messe Munchen).

Like everything else in the world, the show has undergone transformations - now you can visit three halls, the best specimens of minerals, fossils, meteorites from all over the world.

Also in a separate room you can watch beautiful examples of designer jewelry and art objects.

Our company is also changing and transforming to become even stronger and more efficient. This year we changed our chief geologist V. Chernousenko, as we are convinced that only honest relationships will lead the company to well-being and prosperity.


At the exhibition, our company once again surprised visitors and customers with the incredible beauty of heliodors from the Ukrainian deposit.

And wine topazes made an indelible impression on collectors and dealers. Ukraine really has something to show the world.


We thank the organizers of the exhibition for their attentive and warm attitude towards the company from Ukraine. We appreciate every warm word and hug.


Volyn Gems team.