In February 2019, the gemstones from the Volyn deposit were presented under the VolynGems trademark at two shows held in Tucson, USA. The first one is the Arizona Mineral and Fossil Show 2019 held on February 2-16 at the Hotel Tucson city center. It is a global mineral show which included over 250 exhibitors presenting a wide variety of crystals, minerals and fossils. At the VolynGems stand we demonstrated Heliodors, wine and polychrome (bi-color) topaz, smoky quartz and morion crystals, as well as rare specimens of druses with the polychrome (bi-color) topaz extracted in Ukraine.

The second one is Gems and Jewelry Exchange 2019 (GJX) held on February 5-10 in Tucson. It is known to be one of the most prestigious and respected shows for gem and jewelry manufacturers in the world since 1993. As a GJX participator, the Company presented beryl, blue and polychrome (bi-color) topazes, as well as smoky quartzes of various shapes and cuts. Visitors and participants noted the high quality of the cuts and polishing condition of gemstones. Jewelry designers, in turn, discovered the unique color of polychrome (bi-color) topazes and appreciated the beauty of the gems from the Volyn deposit used jewelry made by the Kyiv Jewelry Factory displayed at the booth.

In 2019, GJX was attended by over 700 jewelry branch representatives and over 40,000 visitors. Well-known gemologists, collectors and jewelry designers who come from all over the world to search for new, unusual gemstones were among the aforesaid visitors.