The VolynGems TM blue topaz from the Volyn deposit was used as decoration for a national Ukrainian souvenir presented at a fundraiser auction to raise money for the treatment of HIV-infected children. The said auction was a part of the Miss Universe-2018 contest held in Thailand.

Being ordered by the Miss Ukraine Universe contest promoters, the Save my world pendant has been designed by craftsmen of the Kyiv Jewelry Factory as a symbol of planet Earth. The blue topaz symbolizing blue oceans on the brink of the environmental disaster is located at the center of the pendant. Topaz has a powerful earthy energy, as the Volyn deposit is one of the oldest deposits in the world being about 2 billion years old.

The facet-ball-cut was used to create the gemstone with a diameter of 30 mm and 227.97-carat weight. There are small inclusions in the stone that look as if water drops have been frozen therein. Due to the gemstone, the pendant gained high value as a lot to be sold at fundraiser auction.   

The unique pendant was presented by Ms. Karina Zhosan, the finalist of the Miss Ukraine Universe-2018 contest. Using this piece of jewelry, she shared a strong call to action with the whole world, calling us all to protect and save our Earth for the sake of each and everyone of us!