1. General Provisions.

1.1. By placing an order in the online store  (hereinafter referred to as the store), the Customer accepts and undertakes to comply with the terms & conditions set forth herein. 1.2. This Agreement is a public offer.

1.3. By giving their consent to the terms & conditions of the Agreement, the Customer confirms that they are clear and acceptable for them. Placing an order on shall be understood as confirmation and acceptance of the above.   

1.4. The Contractor shall be entitled to modify or amend at any reasonable time this Agreement as it deems fit, either in whole or part, without any advance notice whatsoever. The new text of the Agreement, as revised and amended, shall be effective immediately upon its publication on the website.      

1.5. The customer agrees to refrain from any infringement of the applicable Ukrainian laws and regulations concerning intellectual property, copyright and/or any other related rights.

1.6. All trademarks and names referred to in the materials of this website shall be the property of the Contractor.


  1. Goods Purchase Order Terms & Conditions.

2.1. The Customer shall select gemstones, either of organogenesis or not, and semiprecious stones (hereinafter referred to as the Goods) from the Contractor's Product List and place the order by filling in the online electronic form, whereafter it is sent to the Contractor.   

2.2. The Contractor shall within one working day (Monday-Friday from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM) confirm receipt of the Order and agree with the Customer additional details of the selected Goods, including payment and delivery terms.

2.3. The Customer shall fill in the Purchase order form and specify all required information therein.

2.4. Characteristics, weight and color specifications, as well as the final price of the Goods, may differ slightly from those indicated on the actual Contractor's Product List available on the website.

2.5.  The Goods are then delivered with the FedEx Courier Service:   

  • within 3-5 days in case of the domestic delivery (in Ukraine)
  • within 3-10 days (depending upon distance) in case of international delivery (to other countries)

The price of the Goods is net of delivery (shipping) and mandatory insurance costs. Therefore, such costs are calculated and invoiced in each case after placing an order. The payment for the Goods is made directly to the courier service after receipt of an order.

  1. Payment terms.

3.1. The Customer shall pay the full cost of the Goods.

3.2. Settlements with the Contractor are made in a manner set forth by the applicable Ukrainian laws. 


  1. Terms and Conditions of Use of Personal Data.

4.1. Once the order is dispatched, the Customer gives their consent to the collection, processing and use of their data following the provisions of the applicable Ukrainian laws. Also, acknowledgment shall be made by the Customer in respect of receiving a notice of their data inclusion to the appropriate personal database, the purpose of their personal data processing and the rights granted to them in pursuance of Ukraine's Personal Data Protection Act of 1 June 2010, No. 2297-VI, as well as persons, to whom such personal data may be submitted for processing personal data. 


  1. Final Provisions

5.1. Any matters not regulated herein shall be governed according to the applicable Ukrainian laws and regulations.

5.2. The parties agree that any disputes that may arise out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be settled according to the applicable Ukrainian laws and regulations.