The color range of quartz of the Volyn deposit is represented by the following shades: from crystal-clear (rhinestone) to yellow (citrine), from noticeably smoky and golden-gray to deep black (morion). In Volyn, crystals of smoky quartz and morion resemble sharpened obelisks, which are found in chamber pegmatites formed from hydrothermal solutions. One of the unique Ukrainian stones of crystal brown-golden color received its own name – Volynets, and is stored in the Museum of the gemstones and decorative rocks of town Khoroshev, Zhytomyr region. The largest of the crystals that had been mined in Volyn reached 10 tons; its dimensions were also impressive – 2.7 m long and 1.5 m in diameter.

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Beryl gems from Volyn pegmatites are known to have a rather different morphology and crystal face sculpture. The color spectrum is represented by a variety of shades: from light green with clear golden (beryl) to light olive (heliodor), from sky blue to bright blue (aquamarine) and silver (goshenite). The characteristic color of the minerals mined in the field is green-yellow. The largest beryl mined at the deposit had a weight of 66.6 kg, with the height of 130 cm.

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The color palette of the topaz colors of the Volyn deposit is very diverse: colorless, light tea, soft blue, wine yellow, wine, orange wine (Volyn Imperial), as well as a unique bicolor topaz, in which the blue zones smoothly or harshly change into wine brown. The purity of the blue topaz, which are mined in the deposit, is unique. Often the weight of topaz crystals found in the field ranges from 1 to 50 kg. Crystals are found both single and on the rock. The biggest crystal was mined in 1964, weighing 177 kg.

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Polychrome topaz

Polychrome topaz is the type of natural topaz with a two or three-color coloration. Small areas were found In Brazil with a scattering of polychrome topazes, but the most famous place for the extraction of these unique minerals is the Volyn deposit. Polychrome topazes of the Volyn deposit have a color gradient from wine-brandy to sky blue, and only here there are large crystals with a rich color texture.

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wine topaz

A distinctive feature of the topazes of the Volyn deposit is the characteristic saturated yellow-orange color, known as «wine». A diverse palette of shades of fiery orange is identical with the famous Imperial topaz. A large specimen was mined in the deposit, weighing 117 kg, with length and thickness being 82 cm and 37 cm respectively. It was the third largest solitary topaz crystal in the world. Central part of it is yellow, peripheral - wine-yellow, the color of madeira.

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In the Middle Ages, topazes in Europe were called “blue diamonds”. In Volyn, blue topazes are rare. Initially, the whole mineral appears orange-yellow. In fact, the blue shades are hiding in warm. If at the place of blending of colors to separate part of the crystal at the right angle, then you can remove topaz from sky blue to green color. In the blue topaz look beautiful inclusions of fluorite, which is especially appreciated by collectors. The largest blue topaz found in the deposit reached 325 kg.

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The beauty and perfection of Volyn minerals allows creating exclusive products.

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